Working and Employment opportunities in The Middle East

As one would expect the major player across most of the Middle East is the Oil and Gas industry. Saudi Arabia is a giant in this regard, but Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar are all massive exporters of this raw resource. In many of the gulf states the populations are small due to the terrain and lack of agriculture this means that foreign workers are a key part of the economy of much of this region.

Skilled workers in the petrochemical industry should look no further when seeking out places to work abroad, but as the countries in the region have developed they have also attempted to diversify from a purely Oil based economy.

Construction workers have been recruited from the Indian sub-continent to build the many high-rise apartment blocks and 5 star hotels that are now de rigueur in the more populated cities, and Tourism is a ever-growing industry along the coast.
Other areas that are worth looking into are Information Technology and Engineering.
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